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Others activities that can be done in Pulau Besar

Other than explore mystery places in Pulau Besar, you may planning your holiday whether individual, with family or grouped such as:
1. Fishing or Find Crab
When water high tide, activity fishing sure delight in anglers. While at night, when sea water is subsiding, you may find small crabs which many there are in coastal and stone areas. You may need a torch light, a stick to reduce crab body and plastic bag to keep it.

2. Recite Al-Quran and chanting zikrillah
Reciting Al-Quran, chant and perform prayer in the mauseloum complexs certainly something that devoted and pacify. Felt as if self this so close with SWT Allah. You must try this.

3. Organising Religious Worship Camp
Pulau Besar indeed an appropriate religious worship camp site because the atmosphere that calmly and pacify. You does not require air-conditioned hall with all modern equipment. Whatever necessary you prepare is experienced religious teacher and suitable camping area. Programme such as tazkirah, way prayed that correct, chant, learn slaying of animal ways, memorizing prayer and common sentences, cooperation clean grave site and coast, know Allah qualities and so on can be done in island this and with the atmosphere that distinctive, its impact very obvious altogether to programme participant this.

4. Visiting History of Pulau Besar Museum.
An abandoned resort building belongs to state government was renovated to become 'History of Pulau Besar Museum' and expected to be opened in the 
end this year.

Other facilities in Pulau Besar

1. Surau
     There is a surau here. It located adjacent to Makam Ariffin Sheikh Ismail's Sultan. Surau this being examined and managed by Islamic Religious Council of Melaka and held congregation prayer at every prayer time.

2. Transportation
There is van 'cowboy' that can you ride from Pulau Besar jetty to mausoleum complexs or D’Puteri Kurnia Resort. Fares imposed only RM2 per person. Van travel time this according to arrival time and ferry release.
You also can walk by foot from the jetty ( travel time approximately 25 to 30 minutes ).
You also could rent van if you wish to round island area while visit mystery places which became attraction. Payment that imposed is RM 100 per van.

3. Public Well
Around island, have been lots public well that can you use to swim, wash clothes or get clean water supply to be cooked.

4. Tourist Guide
     If you choose for walking journey, do not forget to wear right clothes and bring drinks together because the journey you may experienced a bit farther, especially when you must climbing hill and plowing through bush and coast.For more information about tourist guide you can ask me or contact me.

Guide to D'Puteri Kurnia Resort Pulau Besar,Melaka.

Other attractive places in Pulau Besar

1. The Iguana Lake
There is a lake not far from Makam Sultanul Ariffin's that was called iguana lake. You can see large iguana here, however it is not a komodo iguana species that can be discovered in Indonesia. It is local species iguana only the difference it is in bigger sized.

  1. Yunus's Cave
    According to local population story, the cave was formerly become Sheikh Yunus's accommodation. He portrayed as a sufi that withdrawn and isolated life. One week once, he future to settlement area for people in island this to seek food supply.

However, one time, he reported to be no longer appears at this island. This became a question among his friends and local people. They finally go to cave to see Sheikh Yunus's state and find out, he was not there. More strange, a stone which became his seat turned to be white. In fact, the rocks in cave are formerly black. There is various speculation which made by local population on the his dissapearence.

After his absence, the cave often made asceticism place by those who interested in spiritual knowledge. Unable to establish whether the skills they learned are based on to Islamic law or contrary with it. The mystery and cave's uniqueness are a lump of white coloured stone in the cave.

3. Jar Well Breach
There is various version of the story that is associated with this well. One of it is about an old grandmother which made her jar to keep her treasure that she achieved the through her career as midwife and medicament herbal dealer in the island.

One day, the jar was to be stolen and when the jar was lifted, its suddenly breach. Immediately the property that kept in jar turned into the water and jar become such as a well.

To date, many people try groping their hands into the well. The state certainly such as groping a jar. Formerly, this well are located really in the sea foot. The water feeling such as fresh water that had been old stagnant, but odourless until potable. After this area turned into golf course, a stone structure was built round jar well, until dispel its originally shape.

Ostensibly, there is those are 'lucky' can get away with grandmother estate bequest the such as jewellery, old coin and so on when groping their hand into the well.

4. Fairy’s WellThis wellis located in the Marina Beach Resort right side areas and position certainly near to coast. There is mangrove trees and also screw pine tree around him. In much well in this island, the water in this well is most clear. According to locals story, the well was called fairy’s well because fisherman that often sheltered in this area during bad weather always overheard a voice of womens enjoyed themselves in the well. Because the well position where believed situated in fairy village area. Not far from the well, there’s are a lake that called fairy lake.
Of late , the well become enormously popular among Pulau Besar tourist. Most of them allegedly carrying certain wish. And perform spiritual ceremonies, there’s a lot of incantation package that wrapped with yellow cloth that were hanged in trees bushes surrounding the well. This act are believed was made by those who practicing Hindu’s.

Long Size Tomb
All major mausoleums remains in this island have a long size and exceeding human high rate. This could be witnessed in Makam Sultanul Ariffin's, Sharifah Rodziah, Tok Putih and Tok Janggut.

There is various stories that has been associated with the size of this tomb. However, it wasn’t strange. This is because, in the olden days people indeed like to extended the size of the grave belongs to someone that have names in society to respect the merit and a status of the deceased. This can be viewed on other noble and royalty’s tomb in Malay Archipelango.

Mystery Island

The Mystery Of Pulau Besar, Melaka
Unlike the others resort islands, Pulau Besar are difference, it have the uniqueness that distinctive. Mind and tired body body felt fresh when covered sea breeze that calm. Music connection wave that smash real coast more absorbing from popular songs that echo in radio funnels.

You will be able to sense 'peace' and 'harmony' when you were in this island. Perhaps it was also a pleasure and blessing that had been Allah the Almighty has awarded to the island that already done many good deeds to greatness of Islam in this region.

Incomplete the sense if your visit to this island do not root the mysterys in this island. Despite a various version and story that associated with something mysterious incident in this island, however as faithful muslims we should always careful so that our faith always protected from a thing that can mislead.

Known as “A Wishing Island”

A Wishing Island”
Pulau Besar was believed produce many Islamic preacher that practising Sufi opinion. After learning and deepen religious knowledge in Pulau Besar, they are going out preaching it to Gugusan Pulau Jawa, Peninsula Malaya or to other place. Once in a while, they revert to Pulau Besar by bringing once their followers to deepening their religious skills and knowledge from the religious teachers remaind here.

Same with self-defence art master. Once in a while, they will be back to Pulau Besar for meditation to deepen their skill. Gradually, increasingly many of the visitors that came to Pulau Besar in order to meet their “wish” whether to learn theology or the art of self-defence skill. Stated this have made Pulau Besar name more celebrated and fame.

The island also called “wishing island” because most of the visitors “hajat” (wish) had been accepted after they perform a ritual or prayer' in this island. This have resulted, an increasingly number of people to try their fate here and bring up a polytheism treatment and mythology such as asking a help from old grave, stone and others. (As for Muslims, this act is a great sin that will not pardoned by Allah the Almighty until “taubat nasuha” (repented and regret sinful action that was done).
The beginning of polytheism practice and mythology that carried out in this island are immemorial. At past, this island have been made one of the places for 'safar bath' that pack with dance activity and song that visbly contradicting with Islamic law. This ritual was later eliminated after The Malaysian Fatwa Council issued a decry that this ceremony are contradicted and against the Islamic teaching. The Polytheism activity and mythology are believed started after the falls of Melaka Sultanate and the ruled of foreign colonial. And also on the death of religious theologian's remainder in this island.

Finally, no more remainder in this island and it sort of become place that ownerless. Later on the other hand, those who came to island this has made what they like including do polytheism practice and mythology above grave and other history places in this island.
Because of the increasingly growing of polytheism practice and mythology in island this, the state government had taken drastic action with demolishing and eliminate all building and places that often turned to polytheism and mythology ceremony. The government later detached an officer from Islamic Religiuos Council of Melaka government to monitored and act against this practice.  

The Early History of Pulau Besar

In the early history Pulau Besar inhabated by ‘orang laut/orang selat ‘ (a tribes of traditional fishermen society) before the arrival of Parameswara's (The 1st Ruler of Melaka and founder The Sultanate of Melaka after confessed Islam) around year 1400ad. During the ruling era of Kesultanan Melaka (Sultanate of Melaka), Pulau Besar ran as lounge for merchants to seek food, firewood and clean water supply and waiting for a turn to anchor in Melaka Port. Ma Huan, an assistant of Admiral Cheng Ho in his book Ying Yai Sheng Lan (1451 acknowledged this fact. According to Ma Huan, Pulau Besar being called as Water Island @ Wu Shu by Chinese traders. China seafarers would anchored in “Wu Shu” for rest and obtain supplies from “orang laut/orang selat that reside here.
Pulau Besar or “Wu Shu”, became a focus for trader ships even before the existence of Melaka centre of governance. Commercial vessels stop here to seek water supply and firewood before continue voyage to their destinations. And the arrival of Sultanul Ariffin Sheikh Ismail, Pulau Besar also become the focus centre all over Malay Archipelago because it was inhabited by many “ulama” or theologian that with their role to expand and spreading Islamic Religion in this region.
Pulau Besar also being noted as a launch attack centre for Malay people that try to confiscate Melaka from Portuguese after The Fall’s of Malay Sultanate Government's in Melaka.

Pulau Besar as Islamic Preaching Centre In Malay Archipelago Cluster
It was believed, Pulau Besar since inhabited by orang selat/orang laut around year 1400 (before the establishment of Malay Government of Melaka) play a role as clean water supply centre to fishermen and traders that go through Straits of Malacca. This is based on the existence of old well that estimated to be aged more than hundreds of years around Pulau Besar coast and the position of the wells that only a few metres from the coast. Pulau Besar alleged have of hundred well, however mostly already covered and could not be used any more. 

Because of the its position (only a few kilometres from Melaka Port) there are traders, travellers and preacher that had been keen to stayed in this island. Among them is Sheikh Ismail that called Sultanul Ariffin's and was claimed by local population as a descendant of Rasulullah (PBUH) from his grandson (Hassan bin Ali). Together with his followers, they determined in Pulau Besar and constructed a small settlement to distribute and spreading Islamic teachings.

Apart from Sheikh Ismail, the delegation included Syeikh Yusuf as Sidiq. He was a high notable knowledge master’s of Sufi and also memorizing thousands of hadis Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Unascertained about his birth year. However he is among theologian that participated in Sheikh Ismail's delegation. He is also a teacher to Sheikh Ismail.

Before the Islamisation, Melaka population are believed to understanding and practicing Hindu-Budha or an animisme believer. This was because the 1
st Melaka Ruler which namely Parameswara is a Hindu believer. According to Sullatus Sallitin or Malay History 1612 by Tun Sri Lanang (Bendahara of Johore), Parameswara get a dream about an arrival of Islamic traders in Melaka Port. Once they arrived, they will do something (prayers) by the sea shore. Parameswara then commanded his Bendahara (Chief Minister) and a team waiting by the sea shore to establishing whether the dream that experienced by the ruler really happened. With the Allah The Almighty power, The Rulers’ dream comes true and this bring to the Islamisation of Melaka Government and also a beginning of a Sultanate of Melaka.

Despite a various version on theory about the arrival of Islam to Malay Archipelango, a matter like this cannot be avoided because the writer and history researcher in the past, usually wrote something based on to understanding (mind), those who a very limited. However, most Islamic history researcher agreed that the arrival of Islam and Islamic propagation to Malay Archipelango through Islamic mysticism (tasawwuf) that through the glory and sanctity character by the past missionaries which is closed with tradition and custom of the polite and very respectfull Malay People.

Unlike the teaching method and arrival Christian to this region that go through war process and force, which it seen very contrary with Malay nature. Hence, even though Malay Archipelango are colonized hundred of years by Christian Invaders, it was unable for them to change and converted Malay People to professed Christian.
Because Pulau Besar already well-known as as clean water supply centre among trader and traveller, thus it have emerged as place that most strategic for Muslim preachers to introduce and spreading the teachings of Islam.

After the formation of Melaka Sultanate and achieve the glorious era, Pulau Besar continue to be a focus to trader ships to seek water supply and firewood before continue their voyage to next destination. Gradually, Pulau Besar is not only known as clean water supply centre, it also known as place to learn and deepen religious knowledge after this island inhabited by many Islamic preacher.